Wide image of the soft play area in Meadow Cabin

Explore Meadow Cabin

You don’t have to visit Barnstondale to see if Meadow Cabin is the right place for a break – although you are welcome to make an appointment to visit during our quiet periods, prior to making a booking. You can use our interactive tour to explore Meadow Cabin for yourself, right from your computer.

The entrance area in Meadow Cabin, with the lift to the left

The entrance area in Meadow Cabin. Click the links below to explore further.

From the entrance hall you can head down the corridor to the bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen and dining room and the soft and sensory play area.

Bedroom 1
Bedroom 2
Bedroom 3
Bedroom 4
Bedroom 5
Large bathroom
Kitchen and dining room
Soft play and sensory area

Upstairs you will find the great room and the small kitchen, all reachable from the lift exit and balcony area.

The Great Room
Upstairs small kitchen
Lift exit and balcony area