Wide image of the soft play area in Meadow Cabin


With both an indoor and outdoor climbing wall Barnstondale is fantastically placed to deliver adventure in all weather and seasons. Both walls have been specifically designed and built to provide a range of challenges to match all abilities and ambitions, enabling all participants to reach their own personal sense of achievement.

Climbing is a timeless sport rightly famed for its excitement and adrenalin-packed thrills. Whether participants can’t wait to get started or are a bundle of nerves, Barnstondale provides a safe environment for them to discover new abilities and skills.

Our fully trained and experienced instructors will provide everyone with a safety-harness and helmet. Safety is always our primary concern. Each climber will work side by side with an instructor when it is their turn to climb and will be helped and directed as much as they need.

Young people are supported by a belay rope and can be lowered to the ground when they reach the top or sooner if they prefer.

As well as learning basic climbing skills the achievement of reaching personal goals builds self-esteem. It also helps develop co-ordination and determination.