Wide image of the soft play area in Meadow Cabin



If there’s one part of Barnstondale that we find that young people need no encouragement or invitation to make use of its our outdoor Multi Usage Games Area (MUGA)! A recent addition to Barnstondale, its a bright and exciting use of space that can be adapted with ease to a number of sporting activities.

The sight of the 2 goals is invitation enough to start a game, but with facilities for many sports and activities the MUGA truly is multi use. Basketball, cricket, tennis, badminton and ball skills games are all marked out. Its a space that can be used imaginatively for almost any activity.

Worried about the good old British weather and your sports activity plans? Don’t be! We also have a large indoor sports hall that can easily be adapted to a number of sporting and games uses.


DSCF0618Use of both can be pre- arranged if required. In addition we have an outdoor play area and 15 acres of woodland which can be utilised.