Wide image of the soft play area in Meadow Cabin

Wild Wood Experiences

With acres of woodland on site you can now really get away from it all with a new activity choice we are offering – Wild Wood Experiencess!

P1010994Hidden away besides a sleepy little river, you can now get back to nature for a few hours as you learn some vital skills from the past which will greatly enhance your enjoyment of the outdoors. Our activity leaders will ensure your group discovers the hidden secrets of our 12-acres of woodland.

We have geared the packages towards different age groups, to ensure everyone gets the most out of their experience.

DON’T FORGET – With all Wild Wood Experiences wellies are a must!


Wild Wood DISCOVERY – aimed at school year two and three
As part of the Wild Wood DISCOVERY experience you will help the leaders put up a shelter, which will become ‘home’ for the day and build a fire using simple materials. Using a map you will navigate around the woods, making friends with some of our small trees. There will be a chance to paddle down the stream, as well as play some games. During the experience you will be collecting items from nature, which you’ll use to create some art.

Wild Wood ADVENTURE – aimed at school year four and five
With the support of your leader you will build a shelter and learn to light a fire with a steel striker, as part of the Wild Wood ADVENTURE experience. Once the fire is lit you can use it to make a hot drink. You will learn to navigate from A to B using the map, and get into the stream to build a dam. As well as playing games and collecting items from nature, you will be tasked with identifying our trees by their leaves and measuring some of our smaller trees and recording the findings.

Wild Wood CHALLENGE – aimed at school year six up to adult
You will use your initiative to build a shelter, light a fire using a steel striker and use the fire to cook your lunch and make a hot drink. With a compass and map you’ll be expected to navigate the dale, studying the stream and the water flows, and the impact of dam building on the rise and fall of the water. As well as the opportunity to play some games, you will study and compare our small tress with previous studies and learn to identify some of the trees and plants growing in the wild wood.